iLOQ Code of Conduct

Our employees – ensuring safety, respect and leadership

We are committed to building and strengthening a strong corporate culture and a motivating and supportive work environment based on security, openness, equality, trust and values.
  • We respect and promote human rights
  • We respect diversity and equal opportunities and condemn harassment
  • Leadership and practices are at the heart of our culture
  • We comply with labor laws and respect collective agreements
  • Our employees are the key to success

Health and safety

We want to guarantee safe and healthy working conditions and an inspiring work environment for all our employees and temporary employees. Health and safety come first in the order of priority of management and all supervisors, and it is the responsibility of supervisors to ensure that applicable occupational safety regulations are followed in work environments. In addition, each employee must comply with applicable safety regulations and practices, as well as common rules of the game, which include taking care of each other. Improving the well-being of the work community is a common goal for everyone at iLOQ.

Human rights

We respect and promote fundamental human rights and international labor standards in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core conventions and recommendations of the International Labor Organization. We strongly condemn the use of child labor and forced labor. We expect our suppliers to share these values and act in accordance with them. We work with our suppliers on corporate responsibility projects to ensure that human rights are respected throughout the supply chain.

Equal opportunities and non-harassment

iLOQ supervisors and employees are expected to respect each other’s right to be treated fairly in the workplace. We adhere to the principle of equality in all our activities. iLOQ does not condone any harassment, discrimination, or other conduct that employees or business partners may find threatening, intimidating, or degrading. We respect diversity and promote equal treatment regardless of ethnic origin, nationality, religion or other belief, marital status, disability, political opinion, worldview, membership of or affiliation with unions, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other factor that could lead to discrimination. All supervisors and other employees are expected to interact with each other respectfully and respecting everyone’s right to privacy and dignity.

Leadership and practices

At iLOQ, every manager, supervisor, and employee is expected to behave in accordance with iLOQ’s values and practices. iLOQ is committed to promoting the well-being of its employees and treating people equally and fairly. No harassment or discrimination is allowed. iLOQ values diversity and different cultures and continuously improves employee engagement by investing in the systematic development of issues relevant to staff. All managers, supervisors, and employees are encouraged to promote respect and trust so that they behave and act in an exemplary manner, are open, and have good work community skills.

At iLOQ, leadership is guided by value-driven “management principles” that tell us what kind of leadership is expected from iLOQ supervisors. The principles of leadership form the basis for a unified way of leading depending on the activity and the country, yet always respecting the local culture.

iLOQ leadership principles

  • I accept mistakes and learn from them
  • I passionately lead people focusing on adding real value
  • I encourage an open-discussion culture and out-of-the-box thinking
  • I empower people to take ownership and make decisions
  • I treat people with respect
  • I strive for excellent results by encouraging people to work in an efficient way

Management is developed purposefully and long-term. The foundations of management created together with supervisors provide a strong foundation for good day-to-day management as well as direction for the development of supervisory work.

Industrial relations and working life practices

iLOQ encourages supervisors and employees to exchange views and information with each other. The Company is committed to ensuring compliance with applicable labor laws, collective agreements and other laws related to employee privacy and workplace safety. iLOQ respects freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Resources and expertise

We build our success on culture and people, especially on the strong skills of our employees, but also on an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic attitude. iLOQ actively strives to create a culture where employees are hired on the basis of qualifications, merit and cultural suitability without fear of any form of retaliation, discrimination or harassment. Recruitments are handled through a high-quality internal process and we only use the help of expert, qualified and reliable personnel assessment service partners.
iLOQ supports the continuous development of staff skills in a variety of ways. The personnel have at their disposal, for example, support for voluntary study, various courses and study modules, learning on the job with new areas of responsibility and projects, and diverse career opportunities.