iLOQ Code of Conduct

iLOQ business partners

iLOQ maintains and develops mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers, customers and business partners. Our business relationships are based on honesty, integrity and trust. iLOQ expects its business partners to share the Company’s values. Our business partners must act responsibly and fully respect the following principles and values: compliance with all applicable laws, non-corruption, respect for human rights, including the refusal to use child labor and forced labor, and compliance with environmental standards and actions in support of sustainable development.

Procurement and ethical purchasing principles

Independence from suppliers is central to procurement operations and processes. We want to work equally for all suppliers and supplier candidates. We do not engage in unhealthy supplier cooperation that could compromise the independence of the supplier and the supplier’s representative.

Integrity – Promoting ethical conduct

Integrity is very important to iLOQ’s reputation and success. We believe that integrity means doing business as honestly and transparently as possible. Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations is always a minimum requirement for how we operate. Our integrity and good reputation are the responsibility of every iLOQ member of staff.

  • We do not accept any form of corruption or bribery
  • We believe in fierce but fair competition
  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • We follow the rules on locking safety
  • Our external and internal communications are responsible and accurate

We respect privacy

Bribery or corruption tarnishes iLOQ’s good name and reputation. Corruption is always reprehensible in business, and it inevitably distorts healthy business. iLOQ does not accept any form of corruption or bribery. We act fairly and do not offer undue benefits to others or agree to receive them. We also expect our resellers, consultants, agents, subcontractors and other business partners to strictly refrain from engaging in corrupt practices when providing services to us or on our behalf.

Fair competition

iLOQ believes in fierce but fair competition. We must always comply with all laws designed to promote and protect fair and free competition.

Competition law governs our operations and interactions with resellers, customers, competitors and others. Violations of competition law, such as participation in cartels, abuse of a dominant position or the exchange of price or other commercial information between competitors, are always strictly prohibited, regardless of the size or manner of the act.

Respect for privacy

iLOQ respects the privacy of its employees and other persons associated with the Company and pays special attention to confidentiality and the processing of personal information. Personal data is collected, used and processed only for business-justified purposes in accordance with data protection legislation. Personal data may only be processed by persons who need it for a clear business need. This means, for example, that the personal data of our employees is collected, used and processed only in order to fulfill the obligations under labor law or if this has been specifically agreed with the employees. We must always ensure that personal data is processed responsibly and carefully so that it is not disclosed improperly.


The general principles of our internal and external communication are timeliness, consistency, equality, transparency and accountability.