iLOQ Code of Conduct

Our business – responsible business practices

  • We always work in iLOQ’s best interest
  • We comply with laws and regulations
  • We protect the confidentiality of trade secrets
  • We accurately report and record information
  • We protect our brand
  • We market our products responsibly
  • We minimize our environmental impact
  • We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners
  • We work openly with authorities and stakeholders
  • We do not support political parties or candidates
We are committed to working in iLOQ’s best interest. We strive to be a good corporate citizen. We obey the law, work openly with stakeholders, and behave responsibly in business and the society around us wherever we operate.

Working in iLOQ’s best interest

The actions and decisions of every iLOQ director, officer and employee must be business-based and must be made in iLOQ’s best interest. They must support the profitable and sustainable growth of iLOQ, and they must be done to ensure that the short- and long-term goals set for the business are achieved and that the iLOQ Group’s strategy is realized.

Compliance with the law and the promotion of good governance

We are committed to complying with all laws and regulations wherever we operate. We understand that violating laws and regulations can irreversibly damage our reputation and jeopardize our continued existence. In addition, it can seriously harm stakeholders and consumers. In order for iLOQ to succeed in this environment, all of its employees must be aware of the applicable laws and regulations and commit to complying with them. iLOQ actively and openly participates in the life of communities where the Company operates. We promote the well-being of communities, for example, by paying taxes, providing direct and indirect employment and participating in community activities. We do not directly or indirectly support political parties or organizations. We do not participate in funding or supporting the election campaigns of individual candidates.

Protecting the confidentiality of business secrets

iLOQ is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its own and the Company’s business partners’ business secrets and other business-related information that comes to iLOQ’s knowledge in connection with its operations. If trade secrets are unauthorizedly disclosed or fall into the wrong hands, iLOQ’s competitive position could suffer significantly. In addition, it may result in financial or other losses and undermine trust or public confidence between iLOQ and its partners.

Each person, on his or her level, is responsible for protecting confidential information in the company’s possession, such as information on new models and products, business or strategic plans, financial information, organizational charts as well as other data concerning the organization of the company.

Protection of the brand and confidential information

iLOQ’s future success will be affected by our ability to protect and defend the value, accuracy and goodwill of our current brand and trademarks. At all stages of our operations, from innovation to marketing, we do everything we can to nurture our brand and protect our trademarks.

In general, and in order to preserve the Company’s brand image, each person shall refrain from making public statements and other behavior that can be harmful for the reputation of the brand.

Unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential or private information may result in disciplinary action leading to dismissal.

Intellectual property rights

Each person commits to protect the intellectual property of the Company.

In order to avoid exposure of the brand to claims based on third-party intellectual property rights, persons working in domains that constitute the brand’s visual identity (including branding, product design, advertising and corporate communications) must obtain prior approval from the marketing department before any public divulgation.

As the good reputation of our brand grows worldwide, we are increasingly confronted with counterfeiting. Each person (employee, partner and supplier) commits to fight against counterfeiting by refusing any purchase / sale of counterfeit goods or to support in any other way this illegal and damaging trade.

Marketing iLOQ products

As a manufacturer of locking and access management systems, we understand that we must market our products responsibly in accordance with the applicable marketing laws and regulations in our marketing and sales channels. We keep personal and social use of social media separate and act appropriately and professionally.

Accuracy of recorded data and reports

We strictly and honestly follow all applicable rules and standards related to accounting and the reporting and recording of financial or other information, as it is necessary to protect the reliability, business continuity and reputation of iLOQ. Accurate information and reports support our business decisions and help us shoulder our responsibilities to our stakeholders. Forgery or falsification of financial or other documents is not permitted. Data recording and reporting is monitored annually and controlled internally.

Conflicts of interest

It is the responsibility of all iLOQ employees, officers and directors to make business decisions always and solely in the best interests of the company. Any unreasonable decision will jeopardize the integrity, interest, reputation and profitability of iLOQ. If conflicts of interest arise, they must be reported immediately to the supervisor or other appropriate party in order to resolve the conflict of interest.